The Knowledge Compass, Inc.

Creating Answers Together


Our Genesis 

The Knowledge Compass, Inc. (TKCI) is a knowledge-centric consulting firm that since 1998 has helped clients create and implement growth strategies, improve productivity, control costs, reduce risk, and capitalize on technology. And as thought leaders, we understand how to leverage powerful thinking inside an organization and integrate innovative ideas with proven technologies and processes for superior results.

TKCI acquired The Knowledge Company, Inc. in 2008, a consulting practice offering similar quality-based services and solutions.  This acquisition has improved our value proposition to achieve measurable business results and provide a greater certainty of success for our clients.

Our Approach

Our approach is to enter into collaborative relationships with our valued clients and only take on those assignments that have the potential to produce dramatic increases in growth, profitability or shareholder equity.

Whether you're retooling one component of your business or transforming another from the ground up, we can provide the insight and know-how to help you succeed. Whatever the need, whatever your goals, we're ready to put the people, processes, and technology of TKCI to work for your organization.

TKCI provides value-added services in the following roles:

Management Consultant
Knowledge Lens
Project Manager
Quality Review & Control
Software Designer
Software Developer
Managed Services

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